Meet our Staff!

    Rod Redzanic is the Founder and Head Trainer at B.E.A.S.T Fitness. Rod has had over 20 years experience with sports and personal training, but always had worked full-time in a financial management position. In 2008, he started to run Boot Camps as a hobby. With a Business Management and Finance background, but a passion for fitness, Rod created his own fitness business in Delray Beach FL and made it his sole focus in 2009. Rod has been certified in Group Fitness, Personal Training, Kickboxing, TRX, Speed & Agility, and Combine 360. The name B.E.A.S.T Fitness represents the areas of focus he designs his programs around Bodyweight Endurance Agility Strength Training.  
    Gina Redzanic is co-owner and office manager of B.E.A.S.T Fitness, Inc. Gina also heads the monthly Nutritional  Programs ("30 Days to Optimal Health") and holds certifications in Healthy Eating for Weight Loss, Sports Nutrition, Group and Personal Training. Gina's primary focus of B.E.A.S.T Fitness is to oversee the memberships, schedule, database, website, marketing, emails/calls, and promotions, as well as the monthly business and corporation tasks.  Gina also teaches some group classes on the schedule!

  Kevin Morgan is a Brooklyn, New York native who believes in an "All or Nothing" philosophy. Fitness literally saved his life. As a youth he grew up overweight which directly had an impact on his life not only physically, but mentally, emotionally as well as spiritually. Today he is a Certified Fitness Coach and Group Fitness Instructor paying forward the thing he is most passionate about, which is to push everyone past their Mental, Physical and Spiritual threshold to become Healthier, Stronger versions of themselves. Kevin specializes and has vast experience in Boot Camp, Tabata, Weights, HIIT, and Resistance methods.  

At a young age, Dee discovered the unmatched level of happiness and gratification that came from fitness.  
For the last 16 years she has worked in various facilities as a certified fitness instructor/personal trainer. "There is something to be said about waking up every day to know you get to do what you love! It’s rewarding to know you get to change someone’s life physically, mentally and emotionally!" Dee says. As a mother of two boys she hopes to be an example of what one can accomplish through discipline, dedication and hard work. “You are only as strong as your mental strength.” At the end of the day your results equal her reason for doing what she loves!
 Dee runs the BASIX program as well, at B.E.A.S.T Fitness. 

Talia Shelton has always been an avid athlete and is a dedicated team member of B.E.A.S.T Fitness.
Talia organizes not only team runs, but also keeps clients up to date on local races and Half-marathons. Talia "wears many hats" for the B.E.A.S.T Team as she has experience with ages 3 to 12 programs, as well as subs for our trainers when needed.
 She has a passion for motivating people with developing a love for running and fitness, and is always available to give personally tested running technique advice, especially for people with injuries.
    Emmanuel Acevedo known as "Mr. Manny" is the B.E.A.S.T Trainer for our Kids Programs age 7-12. He has more than 12 years experience instructing Martial Arts, 3 years as a swim instructor, and has been a fitness/kick boxing/personal trainer since 2009. Manny is a natural working with children in all areas of fitness and the children love him. He has a sincere passion and gift for what he does!  He also teaches adult group fitness classes as well, specializing in Martial Art type classes, Resistance Training, and working with newer members on proper form and ways to increase strength and endurance.

After graduating with a Elementary Education Degree in 2012, Dara pursued her career as an Elementary School Teacher. After several years of teaching, Dara realized this was not her "niche". Although she loves the teaching aspect, her desire to be in the school environment was slowly decreasing. Which is when she soon turned her true passion into something life changing; pursuing a career in the fitness industry. From studying for the NASM certification to applying her knowledge  through everyday workout routines, Dara knew this was something she always wanted to do. Dara is determined to take her teaching abilities and skills to the next level at BEAST Fitness. She believes that a great fitness professional is one that is dedicated, organized, and committed to changing lives. She has brought her strength training program to BEAST and has already changed many individuals’ lives.